Lpcube 5th Anniversary Wishes
It is hard to believe it's been 5 years already. You and your team have made great progress, and I know your future is very bright. Best wishes for a spectacular next 5 years.
Marc Hebert
CMO, Virtusa
Please accept my heartiest congratulations on your 5th anniversary. I am truly impressed with what you have achieved in these 5 years. Building a software product in the KM space which is pragmatic in its design and approach, is not easy. Your KM solution is really well thought out and easy to use and implement. I look forward to many more innovations from you in the years to come.
Sandeep Dhar
President, Mphasis BPO
Hearty congratulations on your 5th anniversary. We thank you for all your passionate support and perseverance in our relationship. We are confident that the Lpcube genie will turn into a knowledge management powerhouse in the next decade.
Priti Parekh
Product Director, Mphasis
The Knowledge Sharing Framework provided by Lpcube is a real ‘Genie’! The efficient training provided by Mr. Lakshman Pillai was followed by a quick, hassle-free implementation. It is very easy to use and empowers our team to provide world class customer service to the end customer and assures our client of sound service delivery….always. I wish to thank the Lpcube team for their dedicated support & wish them great success in their future endeavor.
Sr. Manager, Mphasis
Congratulations on reaching this crucial milestone. I am sure you will use learnings of the organization during this period to reach greater hights.
Anand Talwai
Executive VP, e4e
I am immensely pleased with the progress your organisation & you have made in the last five years. It reflects your dedication & commitment towards achieving the KM Dream. I am personally following your progress, am very confident that your organisation & you will scale new heights.

May God's Blessings make your organisation a "Pride of the Nation".

R. Arunachalam
I am happy to learn that Lpcube completes five years. I am sure you would rejoice this moment as a time of great professional satisfaction. This, I am sure, is also a moment for Lpcube to move forward with increased vigour to spread the message of knowledge sharing amongst your current and future clients. I am always with you in this journey.
Dr. Surinder Batra
Congratulations Lakshman to you and to your team. My Wishes are always with you and Lpcube family for more success.
Vivek Anand, VP
JPMorgan Chase
Five years is a great achievement. I am sure the foundation you have laid in these years will see more success in all the coming years. Wish you and the team the very best.
Muthu Nedumaran
CEO, Grow Momentum
I have three wishes for you:

I wish you reach the highest pinnacle and achieve your desired dreams.

I wish in the next five years you produce five folds.

I wish you and your family successful journey in the world of achievements.

Shanthi Kannan
Editor, The Hindu
My sincere wishes to Lpcube for accomplishing 5 years of KM movement. I hope that the Indian organisations realize the importance of knowledge managment for strengthening their core competance.
L&T, Mumbai
All the very best in your efforts.
Sanjay Anandaram
Jumpstartup, Bangalore
I am really happy that you have reached the 5-year milestone. It is through sheer perseverance and hard work that Lpcube has tasted success today. I am very confident that this is just the begining and Lpcube will soon be recognized as the world leader in Knowledge Management solutions. My sincere best wishes for Lpcube's success.
C.S. Shyam
Bangalore, India
It’s great to know that your organization is growing on the technology which the world requires – Knowledge Management. Its encouraging to know that the Indian firm has come up with the product which can cover majority of areas. I wish you all the very best and hope you would be the largest vendor in KM.
Yatin Kantak
Regional Director
Net-itech Asia Pacific
Lpcube has developed a world class application in an amazingly short span of time without compromising on quality. Obviously this is not possible without the vision and leadership and his team's dedication and hardwork. Kudos to LP and his team.
Ponnambalam S
I am happy to note that Lpcube has completed 5 years of successful track record and is making rapid strides in its endeavor to become a TrueKM organization. Best wishes to the entire team.
Prakash Rajen
Very glad to note that your Company is completing five years and I wish you all the very best for all your future endeavours.
Mohan K
Company Secratary
Good to know that your firm successfully completes 5 years. Hope that you continue to do well and cross many more milestones on this journey of achieving even more growth and innovation!
Sandeep Pal
Congrats on the achievement. It is especially heartening to note that in all the 5 years of its existence, Lpcube has maintained a singular focus on building and delivering a world class Knowledge Management solution thus ensuring that customers maximize productivity of each and every knowledge worker in their respective organizations. I wish Lpcube continued growth and success in the coming years and be recognized as a pioneer in the knowledge economy.
Mohan Srinivasan
This is a great milestone, congratulations. I never had any doubts in my mind about your abilities to make Lpcube successful. Your passion, drive, intellect and ability to spot forward looking trends are great attributes to make your initiatives rewarding. Best wishes for the continued success and growth of Lpcube and your further adventures.
Rejesh Devakumar
I am very pleased to send you and the staff of Lpcube best wishes and congratulations on the occasion of Lpcube’s 5th anniversary.

Your accomplishment and commitment are a tribute to your dynamic striving for excellence and for creating your own niche in the area of KM.

Again, congratulations on reaching this important milestone and best wishes for your continued success.

Best Wishes on Lpcube completing five years! Your dedication and pioneering efforts on Knowledge Management solutions would help the organizations to succeed for years to come.
Yule Kingston
Verizon, USA
Glad to hear of the great strides Lpcube has made over the short span of 5 years. With your in-depth knowledge and experience in KM, I am confident, that Lpcube's solutions will exceed your customer needs. Good luck with your continued success.
Ravichandran C.R.
Congratulations on completing 5 years. In short 5 years, your company has developed several great products.
Prakash Balebail
CEO, Estuate Inc.
Congrats & Wishing you the best for the years ahead. Thanks for your support & creativity in this space.
Michael Martin
Sr. IT DIrector
Global Shared Services, Flextronics
The CEO of Lpcube is known for his focus centric approach with a strong background in product development. We wish LP and his team the very best to achieve great success in the KM space.
Congratulations on completing 5 years!!! I cannot believe that it has been 5 years since we started interacting. It has been my pleasure to interact with Lpcube from almost its inception and to see the company grow from strength to strength. I believe that on the strength of Knowledgenie, Smipio and other products Lpcube will soon become synonymous with Knowledge Management Products around the world.
Rahul Cherian
Legal Advisor
My best wishes for a successful completion of 5 years. I am sure your company will go a long way in future.
B. Ramkumar
Congratulations on the fifth anniversary! Great job. Keep it up. I wish you and your team all the best for many more years of great success.
B. Kannan
It is really nice to know that Lpcube is completing 5 years of Knowledge Service to the planet. Our best wishes for it to grow as an Institution and help its clients leverage on their accumulated knowledge for prosperity!
Badri Narayanan
CEO, Nrich
Congratulations on your successful completion of 5 great years. The leader is great - personally and professionally. He has proved that success comes to folks who are committed to their dreams and work harder for the same, inspite of all challenges. I wish the Lpcube team much more great success in your current venture.
Sudharsan K.
I am sure your organisation will grow leaps and bounds in the KM journey since you pursue it so passionately. We wish you and your team all luck in your endeavour.
Bijaya Misra
Research Student,
Congrats !!! May God shower his choicest blessings to achieve many more such glorious milestones !!! Having the opportunity to closely follow your growth, commitment and thoroughness, I am firmly convinced that you will fulfill the grand KM dream very soon. Wishing you all success in your journey ahead.
Jawahar A
Pharma Specialist
It is indeed great to note that Lpcube completes 5 years. This is quite commendable since KM itself is virtually still in its infancy, so being a five year old is quite an achievement. KM is gaining ground in India, as much in Asia. Organizations have to realize that KM is more than just technology, there a science behind it to help solve real business problems. I am sure that Lpcube will continue to focus on the business issues and deliver significant benefits to the businesses.
Dr. Pawan Bakhshi, Ph.D.
Chief Knowledge Officer
Bharti Airtel Limited
It seems like just yesterday....hard to believe Lpcube completes five years of amazing birth and growth. On the other hand looking at the product and practice development it seems to be far more mature than just 5 years old!

My best wishes to Lpcube, its amazing team and the illustrious leader for success, growth and fame round the globe. May Lpcube be the most outstanding KM provider in the world. Its product demonstrates all the characteristics of such an organisation.

Nidhi Suresh
Congratulations on completing 5 successful and eventful years in your pursuit of excellence in Knowledge Management. I wish you and your team all the very best and more success in future too.
Ravi Garikipati
CEO, Andale Inc.
Congratulations for achieving 5 years of journey in the KM. We wish you all the best to reach higher altitude in the days to come. I always respect the companies developing Product. Product Development needs lot of Personal energy, management engagement and patience. I feel you have demonstrated all the characteristics in your endeavor.
Senior Vice President
Head – Service Excellence
Standard Chartered Bank - Global Shared Service Center
It is good to hear that under your leadership Lpcube has completed 5 years in it journey in the KM Land. I am sure you and your team will achieve all you have set to achieve in this land making thejourney exciting and rewarding ( financially & otherwise). My best wishes for a great future ahead
V.V. Kannan
In this moment of your Success, just wanted you to know that no one deserves it better, and we all feel very happy for you and your team!!!
R. Ananth & Mala
Iam very glad and pleased to note that Lpcube has completed 5 years in the KM Movement. Please accept our heartiest Congratulations. We are sure that the gathered knowledge and momentum will take you to the peak of your domain, KM, in the next five years. We wish you and your team all the very best to build a World class KM consulting organisation and bring in glories to our country.
Jawahar S., CEO
Vays Infotech, Bangalore
Congratulations on completing Five years . The Product genie has come out very well. Wishing you and your team more success in years to come.
Ramas B, CEO
iBiz Consulting, Singapore
Heartiest Congratulations to you and team on successful completion 5 years of this venture. In a short span of 5 years you have created and achieved numerous milestones. Hope with every passing year your organization achieve new heights
Pooja Gupta
Please accept my hearty congratulations on your company reaching the 5-year milestone! I genuinely believe that it is not an easy thing to get into a nebulous field like KM and do something as bold as conceive and develop a product for enabling KM and that too much before the rest of the world (especially in India) awakened to the concept. I myself ‘am very passionate about KM and have been associated with it for almost 7 years now; So, I can’t help but admire a KM product company like yours. Here’s wishing you all the very best in the years to come and hope you scale greater heights and become a global and eternal shining star in the world of KM.
KM and Business Consultant, Wipro Technologies
S. Karthikeyan
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