Collective knowledge at fingertips
Drive operational smartness and efficiency in all business functions
Memory for Enterprise - Uses

Enrich communication

Build corporate memory to easily bring everyone to the same page and to effectively communicate with the workforce, customers and partners.

Setup best practices knowledge bank to drive consistency and change. Conduct employee survey to get insight and take right decision. Ultimately, increase productivity by 15% and drive operational excellence.


Deliver productive training

Organize learning content and efficiently manage pre and post training activities. Help trainees continue their learning even after completing classroom based learning. Deliver learning content, track learning, and reduce learning cost by 15%.


Provide HR helpdesk

Organize knowledge on leadership, organizational development and more. Build document repository on company policy and code of ethics to facilitate employee orientation and engagement of new recruits. Support workforce with ease.


Build knowledge library

Map curators for various subjects to build right knowledge base and make workforce capable. Setup easy to navigate digital library on various subjects in line with business goals.

Build knowledge base for various domains your business is focusing on such as banking, insurance, financial services, hospital management, and manufacturing. Manage center of excellence and empower team members to learn and share knowledge.


Setup project knowledge base

Centrally maintain all knowledge about the project and customer requirements. Share lessons learned during various projects across project teams to drive success in all projects.


Setup support knowledge base

Build knowledge base for each products and services and organize them based on categories and levels to make support team smarter.

Understand customers better and repond to their questions and problems instantly to delight all your stakeholders. Help customers and partners find right knowledge using self-service support platform.


Ignite research & development

Organize all the research findings, whitepapers, articles, ideas and more. Provide highly secured access to research teams, help them learn and do research collectively towards bringing down the cost as well as failures.


Facilitate workforce compliance

Organize all the document related to regulatory compliance. Use self-service learning and track the progress of compulsory and optional learning. Ensure everyone understood compliance requirements through quick assessment towards driving consistency and protecting your brand image.


Energize BPO

Perfectly communicate with all agents on new knowledge and continuous change. Bring accountability by monitoring communication with audit trail.

Super energize all agents to deliver excellence at work without stress. Manage attritions and scalability for confidently driving non-linear growth.

More testimonials

"Memory is an asset to our organisation. With this solution we are confident that communication reaches to all in a timely and organised manner, ensuring our customers are being provided with the right information. Memory for Enterprise helps us organise our information for quick and timely accessibility and also helps us in compliance through maintaining an audit trail.

The Lpcube Systems team has been brilliant in working with us to understand the requirements and provide a solution. We now have a truly customised model for the dynamic needs of our organisation. Memory has provided us the edge in this competitive market space."

Mirza Ali, the head of Insurance process division - Mphasis BPO