Time to Reinvent

In the mid 90s, Ray Lane, COO of Oracle, said “The next 5 years we will see more changes than the last 50 years.” The digital transformation we went through during the last 15 years is mind blowing. Great inventors have transformed smart toys into intelligent robots that speak, listen, walk, look and perform like human beings. 

Financial institutions have evolved from small money lending outlets to smart banking enterprises. Digital transformation in retail have changed the way we decide and buy. Driverless cars, driverless tractors that performs ploughing, cultivation and harvesting were beyond our imagination. But, not anymore.

Unfortunately, poverty still exists in the 21st century. Pollution, unhealthy food, infertile soil, decaying of environment, and unhappy workforce lead to more psychological and physiological sickness. Education got stuck in the 19th century factory molding model. Workplace stress lead to suffering and disengagement.

Great human potential energized by holistic education, high performance workplace, digital empowerment, and enriched environment is the foundation of sensible progress. Atomistic thinking prevents us from solving inter-connected problems meaningfully and completely.

We need a holistic approach to digitally transform and converge the brilliance of industries, institutions and individuals to unleash human excellence. Knowledge empowerment enabled by digital transformation can change the way we think, learn and perform to deliver excellence.

Mindful Reinvention

Do not get stuck in the binary and blocking view of the glass is half empty or half full story. Looking at the glass half empty worryingly with lack of confidence brings you frustration. This pessimistic view does not make anyone happy. Looking at the glass half full but ignoring the empty part could lead to under-utilization of your true potential. It will prison you in the state of illusionary satisfaction or illusion of positive thinking. For continuous progression and improvement look at the glass half-to-be-filled with confidence to learn and with unconditional faith that the gap can be addressed positively. Realization of problems can lead to invention of new solutions. Numbing problems and numbing vulnerability lead to premature death and stressful life. At times, the glass may be ‘completely’ full. Becoming too comfortable with this state can lead to stagnation. May be what is filled in the glass is no longer useful for anyone. This is when reinvention becomes vital. The glass needs to be emptied and refilled with new thoughts taking you and your organization in a new journey towards the next level of progression.