Empower the workforce with collective intelligence to make them smarter and productive
Lpcube TrueKM - Smart Knowledge Management Solution

Lpcube TrueKM™ is an innovation in personal, team and organizational knowledge management (KM) system. This strategic solution brings enterprise knowledge at your fingertips and help harness the collective organizational potential.

TrueKM helps address the following challenges blocking organizations' business progress and growth:

Key Challenges

  • Information overload leading to time-consuming search and unfocused learning
  • Outdated platforms and practices leading to ineffective communication and execution
  • Lack of systematic self-learning and continuous learning in line with the tasks
  • Duplication of work and repetition of mistakes

Business Need for Enterprise Knowledge Management Solution

  • Improve internal and external communication to keep employees up-to-date and enrich their knowledge for performing at their best
  • Manage lessons learned in project to avoid duplication of work, repetition of mistakes, budget overshoot and delays in project
  • Empower the customer support executives with intelligent knowledge base so that they can deliver better, faster and quality support
  • Create a knowledge base of learning contents to facilitate quick self-learning and empower individuals employees to leverage the expertise around
  • Facilitate collaborative learning to enrich knowledge, accelerate learning and make individuals highly productive
  • Energize sales force with right content so that they can understand the prospects better and deliver good sales pitch towards getting more customers and driving revenue

Replace the outdated technolgies with the innovative solution

Our Solution

Lpcube TrueKM™ is a complete end-to-end KM to build and harness the collective organizational intelligence for ultimately improving operational efficienc. It includes:

Why Lpcube TrueKM™ ?

  • Complete end-to-end KM, highly integrated, easy to use and affordable
  • People, process and product based approach aligned to business needs
  • RapidKMi methodology for quick implementation
  • Makes KM an integral part of the business functions
  • Offer both on-premise and on demand (cloud) models
Harness the collective intelligence to drive teamwork and improve operational efficiency
Who Needs Lpcube TrueKM™ ?
  • Large enterprises planning to building high-performance workforce
  • Small and medium businesses with 50 or more knowledge workers
  • Education institutions offering higher education
Lpcube Implementation Approach

1. Discover the performance gap and assess business needs for KM

Conduct Health Check of the organization, arrive at the workforce performance quotient, discover the performance gap, identify priorities and suggest right system and roadmap.

2. Implement the right systems and strategy in line with the business needs

Lpcube System Implementation to form the taskforce, implement the knowledge systems, setup knowledge base, help drive the initiative and accelerate adoption. It includes:

  • People, Process and Platform based approacch
  • RapidKMi methodology
  • Lpcube Product Training
  • Lpcube TrueKM Workshop
  • Lpcube Product Support

3. Manage and monitor the KM project through a change management process

Lpcube Smart Management is a optional high value service delivered by team of experts to regularly manage the KM project and manage & administer the knowledge systems to ensure that the project is on track and in line with the performance improvement expectations.

Lpcube experts and our methodology can help you successfully implement KM and monitor its success
To discover your needs and to know more, kindly contact us our Knowledge Management Eexperts at greatwork@lpcube.com.