Holistic Innovations Lab

Holistic Innovations Lab is started with the aim of creating sensible solutions to meaningfully solve the problems.

Our creations includes holistic software, holistic masterclass, and transformation methodology.

Holistic Innovations

Smipio Software

Current and future knowledge workforce need autonomy, holistic knowledge empowerment, holistic digital empowerment, and simplified learning and working environment to unlock their true potential.

Smipio is a holistic software innovation for empowering the knowledge workers to think, learn and perform brilliantly.

PurpleMind Masterclass

Poor learning and lack of career clarity make humans useless. Vulnerable humans lose their jobs to wise robots.

PurpleMind is a holistic masterclass for enlightening individuals to become greatly valuable in this era of intelligent automation.

Transform Methodology

Transform is a holistic transformation methodology for driving higher education, workplace and talent transformation.

Transform guides individuals to manage change with courage and clarity.