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Holistic Innovations

Holistic Innovations is started with the aim of creating sensible solutions to meaningfully solve the problems. Our solution includes holistic software, workshop learning content, and consulting methodology.

Great human potential energized by holistic education, high performance workplace, and enriched nature is the foundation of sustainable personal, social and national development.

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Smipio means Think, Learn and Perform. Smipio by Holistic Innovations is a holistic  software innovation powering workplace, education and yourself to unleash human excellence.

Current and future knowledge workforce need autonomy, holistic knowledge empowerment, holistic digital empowerment, and simplified learning and working environment to unlock their true potential.

Atomistic thinking and traditional system are the root cause of all problems preventing the 21st century knowledge enterprises, institutions and knowledge workers from performing at their peak potential.

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Incredible Mind

Incredible Mind is a holistic learning program for knowledge workers, knowledge managers, team leaders, project managers, faculties and learners to unlock human intelligence and nurture human consciousness. Incredible Mind helps unleash the true potential individually and collectively.

This masterclass addresses all aspects of building right talent including awareness, aspiration, self-governance, cognitive evolution, personalized self-directed learning, collaboration, team building, flow at work, task and time management, thinking, innovation, change management, and performance management.

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We deliver workshop and consulting to help drive democratized, disruptive and design thinking.

Transform is workshop and consulting methodology for transforming higher education, business enterprises and knowledge workers.

Transform Workshop for individuals helps drive self-transformation toward success.

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